Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre

Program Overview

This is a one-year intermediate level programme and training in Musical Theatre. Only limited number of students will have the opportunity to learn from distinguished international faculty in one of Asia's most active theatre cities. The programme will provide an exciting and comprehensive curriculum to develop students to reach the highest standards of achievement in the field of Musical Theatre. 


Students will receive rigorous and innovative training and education in Musical Theatre techniques to prepare them for the ever-evolving Musical Theatre industry globally. The training includes supplemental classes in a variety of traditional Asian Theatre and Dance forms, is underpinned with up-to-date techniques in Musical Theatre training - Acting, Singing, Dancing, Music Skills and performances in Musical Theatre productions. 


The aim is to develop the students to become a new generation of Musical Theatre actors and performers. 


At the intermediate level, performances and productions on the mainstage, black box, and other varied performance venues and opportunities to reflect diverse styles and genres, from Broadway hits to modern classics, while students work with international and local guest artists and professionals.


Study Modes 

Full Time

Course Duration

12 months

Total Contact Hours

1044 contact hours


5 days per week x 8 hours per day


Entry Qualification

  • Minimum of two 'A' Level subject passes (not including General Paper) or their equivalent; AND 
  • Minimum of a pass in 'A' Level General Paper or IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 46-59 or its equivalent; OR
  • Diploma in Musical Theatre, as awarded by Capital College of the Arts, Management and Technology (CCAMT); OR
  • Other qualifications which will be considered on a case-by-case basis; AND
  • Additionally, the student must also pass the audition and interview (except for graduates of CCAMT's Diploma in Musical Theatre programme).


Audition & Interview Requirement 

To determine the student's suitability for the course, they will need to go through a series of audition processes and must attend an interview.



The student will need to demonstrate the aptitude for singing, acting and dancing based on the following:


1) Singing

The student must perform two songs in English and from memory. Each song should be from a musical theatre source in contrasting styles (e.g. one ballad and one uptempo song). The song should appropriately show their vocal range and technique. The combined duration of the songs should not exceed five minutes (i.e. around 2.5 minutes for each song). All songs can be performed with live piano accompanist or with backing tracks. The student may bring his/her own accompanist or use the accompanist provided. The student must bring the music score of the songs in the key in which he/she will perform. Please ensure that the music score is either taped to fold out or is inserted into a folder.

2) Acting

The student is required to prepared and present a 1-2 minutes dramatic or comedic 'modern' monologue either from the list provided, or from his/her own choice. The student must be able to tell the story of the character and its journey from the text. The list of appropriate monologues can obtained from 

3) Dancing

The student is required to work with a choreographer to perform a short dance piece to demonstrate their ability to pick up dance choreography and execute the dance in a performance. The student will be required to perform various dance combinations that demonstrate physical mobility, range of motion, and overall coordination. The student will be assessed based on his/her ability to show a grounding in techniques, ability to adapt in taking directions, as well as a desire to take risks as a performer.


Next Intakes 

Two intakes yearly


Sample Courses

Category 1: Acting 



Acting 3A, Acting 3B

Fitness 3A, Fitness 3B

Speech 3A, Speech and Voice 3B

Category 2: Musical Theatre Techniques



Dance 3A, Dance 3B (Asian Dance Form)

Music Skills 3A, Music Skills 3B

Singing 3A, Singing 3B

Song and Dance 3A, Song and Dance 3B

Category 3: Industry and Career



Industry & Career 3A: Personal and Professional Development 

Industry & Career 3B: Info-Technology Literacy 

Category 4: Performance Production 



Performance Production 3A 

Performance Production 3B











30-49 (Fail)


1-29 (Bad Fail)

Non-submission or plagiarized 



Programme Fees (Full-time)

Total Fees (Per Academic Year)


The Total Fees is not inclusive of a non-refundable application fee of $100.
Course Fees are inclusive of Lonpac Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).

List of Approved Teachers 

View List of Approved Teachers


Graduation Requirement 

Students are to meet the attendance requirements.
At least 90% Class Attendance, AND
At least 50% for each Module Grade.
Complete Project Assignment 



The Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre will be awarded by Capital College of the Arts, Management And Technology.

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