Diploma in Arts Management

Program Overview

Arts Management plays an important role in designing, shaping and supporting the arts, helping to ensure that equality, access and creative freedom are achieved across the entertainment and creative industries. Focusing on personalised learning and transferable work-related capabilities, this specially designed two-year programme prepares students for a career in a vibrant industry ranging from museums, galleries, theatre, dance and live music venues, through to cultural centres and festivals.


It forges a combination of creative, critical and management skills and knowledge, enabling students to meet the changing demands and complexities of creative work. Through an extensive programme of seminars, collaborative projects and masterclasses conducted by leading cultural leaders, students will gain an understanding of the broad literature and practice on audience development, events planning, cultural entrepreneurship, curatorial practice, diversity and representation in the arts, cultural policy and copyright.


This programme is well-suited to early, self-starting and freelance careers who are interested in the business and management of the arts.


Study Modes 

Full Time

Course Duration

24 months

Total Contact Hours

1716 contact hours (858 contact hours per academic year)


5 days per week x 6.6 hours per day


Mode of Assessment

Students will be taught via a blend of methods including lectures, professional practice modules, conversations with experts, critical reflections, self-directed study and visits to cultural organisations. Assessment is tailored to the module contents and learning objectives predominantly through coursework – essays, reports, critiques; finance exercises; case study analysis; group work - practical work/reports/presentations.


Entry Qualification

  • Minimum of two 'O' Level subject passes (not including English Language) or their equivalent; AND
  • Minimum of a pass in 'O' Level English Language or IELTS 4.5 or TOEFL iBT 32-34 or its equivalent; OR
  • Other qualifications which will be considered on a case-by-case basis; AND
  • In addition, the student will also need to submit a statement of purpose and pass an interview.


Statement of Purpose (500-800 words) 

The student will need to describe his/her interest, involvement and experience in the arts. Arts experience can include work done with art organisations or events such as film, design, performance, festivals, exhibitions. These can also be events you attended or student projects that you worked on.


Statement of purpose to be submitted online.



The student will need to participate in a dialogue in relation to submitted statement of purpose - What are your motivations for choosing this course? Share your interests, influences and aspirations. What do you hope to achieve in this programme? You should also share how this programme might prepare you for your future career path.


If the student is unable to attend the interview on campus, an online interview will be arranged.


Sample Courses



Visual and Performing Arts in Context (1A/1B)

Principles of Arts Management (1A/1B)

Professional Practice and Projects (1A/1B)

Critical Thinking, Communication and Research (1A/1B)

Industry and Career 1A/1B



Visual and Performing Arts in Context (2A/2B)

Principles of Arts Management (2A/2B)

Professional Practice and Projects (2A/2B) 

Critical Thinking, Communication and Research (2A/2B)

Industry and Career 2A/2B











30-49 (Fail)


1-29 (Bad Fail)

Non-submission or plagiarized 



Programme Fees (Full-time)

Total Fees (Per Academic Year)


The Total Fees is not inclusive of a non-refundable application fee of $100.
Course Fees are inclusive of Lonpac Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).

List of Approved Teachers 

View List of Approved Teachers


Graduation Requirement 

Students are to meet the attendance requirements.
At least 90% Class Attendance, AND
At least 50% for each Module Grade.
Complete Project Assignment 



The Diploma in Arts Management will be awarded by Capital College of the Arts, Management And Technology.

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