This year, we are pleased to announce that we have officially been Edutrust Certified. With this approval from the government, it acknowledges not just the efficacy of our administrative and pedagogical systems, but also our conscientious efforts in maintaining a top-notch education provider for our students. To understand more about how we are assessed by the government (CPE), you can find out more details by clicking here: 


About EduTrust

Singapore’s EduTrust Certification Scheme (EduTrust) is a quality assurance scheme administered by the Singapore government’s CPE (Committee for Private Education) in 2009. It aims to distinguish private schools that are able to consistently maintain a high standard of quality in the overall provision of education services and make continual improvements that lead to positive student outcomes. 


EduTrust is a CaseTrust for Education certification, administered by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organisations (SQC-PEO), administered by SPRING Singapore. It is a voluntary certification scheme for Private Education Institutions (PEIs) who want to differentiate their competitive advantages by demonstrating that they are capable of reaching higher standards in major management areas and providing educational services.


EduTrust certification aims to conduct a detailed review of the seven aspects of PEIs in terms of management commitment and responsibility, corporate governance and administration, external recruitment agencies, student protection support services, academic processes and student assessment, achievement of student and graduate outcomes, and the quality assurance, monitoring and results of the PEI’s systems. Private Education Institutions must satisfy all calibrations before obtaining the EduTrust Certification. If there is a violation of the regulations, the EduTrust certification will be suspended or even terminated. Private Education Institutions that fail to apply for EduTrust certification will lose their eligibility to recruit international students.


What’s Next?

It is with this vote of confidence from EduTrust that we are officially opening our doors to international students all over the world. We are currently in the midst of planning for even more exciting courses and programmes ranging from engineering to fine arts and even music! Our academic team is also in talks with our university partners in United Kingdom, so stay tuned for the many exciting updates!